About this site

Cambrian clay treatment is a traditional medicine. The first part of this site is devoted to her.
With a help of clay people treated themselves many centuries ago. Clay treatment is a traditional medicine, but an explanation of how clay heals, will address us to bioenergy.

Psychic, self-test diagnostics of human, this specific knowledge and skills are useful to those who want to use such an extraordinary remedy, as Cambrian clay. Moreover, the knowledge about the occurring process in the human body, knowledge of the state not only in the physical body, but also subtle bodies (biofield) allow us to understand the cause of many other incurable and chronic diseases.

Heart disease, brain disease, thyroid disease, cancer, infertility, allergies, etc. all these incurable and chronic diseases by individual sections, are connected with the subtle body or with the wrong energies circulating in our body.
Prevention of many of these diseases, seemingly incurable, is possible, if you know where and how to apply clay.

Karmic illnesses, karma - This section demonstrates that incurable diseases could be caused by a way of thinking, actions of the man himself.

Chronic and incurable diseases - my experience of diagnosis and treatment such diseases suggests that their cause in most cases damages or slag the human biofield, and the destruction of the physical body - this is the second reason.
In some cases, the cause of incurable diseases could be influenced by black magic structures, again on the human biofield, but to realize this and somehow resist, we must not only believe in the existence of bio-field, but also in the existence of God.

For whom this site is

This site is for thinking people, initiative, for the curious people who want to understand their own diseases and want possibly independently to cope with them.

Minimum cost - maximum efficiency.

This site will be suitable for only those people who believe in the existence of God and the immortal soul, or at least the existence of the biofield.

This is not my whim. To understand how the clay treats, it is necessary to assume as a postulat that your biofield exists.
To cure many incurable diseases, it is necessary use the help of the Lord God, because only he has the necessary energy.
I only can pray and ask the Lord for energy for your treatment. However, it works and it helps even in the most severe cases.

Sincerely D.Limonov

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